Why a Cowboy Church?

Americans, particularly those of us from the South and the West, grow up wanting to be cowboys. Sure, not all of us have this dream, but a lot of us do. There is something about the cowboy and his lifestyle that draw us. Maybe it’s his courage. Maybe it’s his loyalty. Maybe it’s his integrity and honesty. Maybe it’s all of those qualities, and more. The code a cowboy lives by speaks to a place in us all. After all, we were created by a God who embodies those same attributes.

See, God has created us all in His image, so it is only natural that we want to be like Him, even when we don’t know it.

And because cowboys strive to live up to this set of ideals, they appeal to us. They make us want to be better…more. And that is “Why a Cowboy Church.” We believe that those same values that all of us aspire to, those values that the cowboy lives, those values that are God’s very nature, open the door to many in our community so the Gospel can be heard.